Traverse Climbing Tunnel

Stedelijk College, a high school located in Eindhoven, had big ideas for their new sports complex. They envisioned a gym in which students would be able to move, using multiple obstacles, from the ground floor to the first without needing to use the stairs. 

The wall next to the sport climbing structure needed an obstacle, and we came up with the idea to build a climbing tunnel in which the students would move horizontally from right to left—a traverse climbing challenge of approximately 19 meters long.

Image 1: the empty wall at Stedelijk College
Image 2: our concept design – hand illustration done by 

tunnel 2

We partnered up with @dionjjvisser, a great designer, maker, philosopher, and above all, a great friend from Eindhoven, and started to build the climbing tunnel in the summer of 2023.

After six weeks of non-stop effort the tunnel was completed and we received our first certificate of safety from Keurmerkinstituut. A proud moment, and voilà: a climbing tunnel ready to be used.

Do you have interesting ideas for climbing structures that are just a little out of the ordinary? Contact us, we’re happy to think along with you. 

Let’s get as many people as possible into climbing!

Special thanks to:

Ruud Jansen – for the trust and commission

Infit Beweging – for sharing all necessary knowledge

Dion Visser – the contractor during the build

A2b – for the steelwork

Sam – for designing and producing the wooden volumes

Droowlen – for the design and paint job of the climbing walls

VanBeelen – for producing safety nets

Sidijk – for producing the mats

Thom Femer – for the introduction

Ton – for the chats and the beers

Niels Groenendijk – for the zexy shots

Jalou, Nikki, Kali, Timo, Valentina, and Kaat – for the hands-on support during the build

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